A Human's Attention Span
is now




We believe the human race will never be the same any more. We can connect with millions in just a post. We hear about millions in just a click. That makes us hyper connected. Great? Not always!

 This hyper-flow of information is beyond a human's cognitive processing power. It creates limitless pressure to our cognitive ability to focus, think and deliver.

A human's attention span is now 8.25 seconds! That's less than that of a gold fish!  So how may humans overcome the inefficiencies of attention in adults and above all in children? 

AiZtech aims to deliver X-performance in attention-critical mega industries with proprietary technology built using aritifical intelligence, cognitive psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics.

AiZtech aims to reinvent human-digital interaction. 

We believe human attention will be the precious currency of tomorrow.

Stay tuned. Great news on the way!

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